Use “Remarketing” to find out quality clients

Use “Remarketing” to find out quality clientsDate : 30 Jan 2018

Do you ever feel like you’re being tracked by an ad after visiting a website? That’s the power of “remarketing”.

In order to show your ad to audience who are interested in your products and services, advertisers can choose multiple targeting options according to the campaign objective. “Remarketing” is one of the targeting options that help delivering your promotional message to the people who visited your website. It helps to show your Ad again when browsing internet to increase the chances to visit your website and purchase your products or services.

Following are the strategies to apply “Remarketing”:


1. Reach Potential Clients with Outstanding Closing

• To reach the visitors who added products to the shopping cart but did not complete the checkout

2. Revert the potentials customers who forget your site

• To reach the potential customer who visited and interested in your website but forgot your website afterwards

3. Sell more to existing customers

• To customize a customer list to reach existing customers and make purchase reminder.

According to the research data, the probability from re-purchaser is 9 times higher than those who had not made a purchase, and the order amount is also even higher than those people have not purchased. Therefore, “Remarketing” is definitely a very effective way to improve the advertising and sales efficiency.


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